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DANOBTJQ4TServer - Fixed an issue where DAOS Tier 2 would not work with certain object store providers such as OVH due to a failure in AWS Self Test during...
MOBNB5GQPGServer/Client - Full Text Search - Fixed an issue where empty directories were being created during full text search - directories had cxf-tmp-...
HPRHB8NNULServer - Database - Fixed a crash that could occur when exiting the server. Error of PANIC: Object handle is invalid.
RRENBBRJN4Server/Client - Full Text Index - Fixed an issue with Full Text Auto Index feature where there was sometimes be a noticeable delay when searching due...
JBAIBKMBDZServer - Logging - Fixed an issue where some semaphore timeout messages in SEMDEBUG.TXT were truncated.
SJAIBVNM34Server - Domain Search - Fixed an issue where Domain Search wasn't finding files whose names or file type matched the text being searched for for...
JCUSBW6SSAServer/Client - Full Text Search - Fixed a leak in full text search.
SVEABXQAZDServer - Stats - Fixed an issue where lines in domino_stats file were being truncated.
NSHEBYKETAServer - Database - Fixed an issue where CL copy Domino console command was not copying over database profile notes.
GRHEBYWL78Server - Database - Fixed a potential deadlock that could occur during database repair.
JBUDBNFH6RServer - Full Text indexing - Fixed an issue where the ability to search for names of attached files that were indexed without using the conversion...
DLIMBSMS4EServer - Add Notes.ini to allow Domino to import internet certificates to the directory that have extensions marked as critical that Domino does not...
SSARBW4PAW Server - Views - Fixed an issue where view indexes were being discarded after being left open for greater than 45 days.
DVDI9XS9RCServer - Fixed a crash that could occur in BPoolAutoDeleteDestructor function.
RPAIBZGND2Server - ID Vault - Fixed password reset in the Vault to use the new password digest calculation to update the person record in the directory when...
BSPRBZKFDMServer - Replication - Fixed an issue where ReplCurrency was reporting currency warning messages for disabled databases.


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